About Us

Thank you for your shared interest in helping students make choices and take on challenges that will change their world and ours for the better. Our writers, producers, presenters and schedulers are very experienced in this field, averaging about twenty years each in this endeavor. We love helping you in this important aspect of your work!

If you have had a part in arranging assembly programs in the past, you may have been disappointed or embarrassed by cancellations, no-shows, programs that didn’t connect with the students, or unclear messages.

We believe that you and your students deserve a sure thing in both content and presentation, so it is our goal to do everything possible to make that happen. Just let us know what we might do to answer your questions and meet your needs.

Please call us or contact us by email for available dates and costs. If you have been in contact with someone already, you can refer to the Contact Us page for their number and email address. We have several presenters located across the country, so we may be able to get to you on short-notice, but advance planning– even for the next school year– is encouraged as well.